Product Configuration Dictionary

The field of product configuration has many tricky words and abbreviations that is hard to guess the meaning of. Especially when the whole chain from client to manufacturing is digitized and automated. Therefore we have created a short dictionary with some of the words we encounter on a daily basis.

APIApplication Programming Interface
Interface available between software and cloud services for data exchange and interaction

ATOAssembled To Order

CPQConfigure Price Quote

CTOConfigure To Order

ETOEngineered To Order

4IR – Fourth Industrial Revolution

Knowledge-based configuration
Synonym for Product Configuration

Mass Customization
On demand manufacturing of configured and customized products with high level of automation that enables comparable pricing as traditional mass manufactured products.

MTOMade To Order

RFQ Request For Quote
Enable clients to send in a request for a quote. Commonly done with a web form or e-mail.

SaaSSoftware as a Service
Software services commonly run in the cloud that are billed on a regular basis

VPSVirtual Private Server
Common hosting alternative for web services

UXUser eXperience