SkyMaker Solutions for Mass Customization

Mass customization is all about getting the power of parametric customization in the hands of the customer. Processes for quotation and manufacturing are digital, automated and even distributed in new ways. Our solutions are built to facilitate mass customization from the customer down to the factory floor. Our solutions are accessible to manufacturing companies at every size – from small family run businesses to global corporations.

Read more about this in our Digitalization Guide that describes how our software solutions can be used for building online product configurators with automated quotation and CAD exports.


  • Reduce lead times
  • Configure error-free orders
  • Get instant documentation
  • Reduce repetitive tasks
  • Powerful integrations

Design Automation Service

  • Automate STEP/BIM
  • 2D CAD files PDF/DXF
  • Hole tables
  • G-code exports


  • CPQ: Elfsquad, Tacton, Xait
  • ERP: Monitor G5
  • E-commerce: WooCommerce
  • CMS: WordPress

Free community Tools

  • Convert STEP to GLB
  • Visualize relations
  • Merge files
  • Compare diff