SkyMaker AB – Software for flexible manufacturing

Shouldn’t it be easy to sell and produce customized products?

At SkyMaker we believe that customized products should be affordable for everyone, and manufacturing should be distributed, flexible and fully automated.

We make this possible by developing software for mass customization. Most notably is our cloud service DynaMaker, the dynamic product maker, which is used by customers all over the world.

Our solutions are tailored to small and medium sized manufacturing companies who want to sell and produce customized products in a cost effective manner. We also partner with other like-minded experts within smart manufacturing, CPQ, e-commerce and digitalization to create value for our clients.

Flexible products through flexible automation

Manufacturing in the 2020’s is about flexibility and connectivity – the setup costs and long turnaround times are a thing of the past. Modern factories offer endless possibilities regarding automated processes which impacts how products are sold, manufactured and shipped.

We still however see that much of the manufacturing industry has not realized how their products and offering can leverage this new flexibility. These state of the art factories could be used for so much more than just mass producing products. If the setup cost is much lower thanks to the flexibility of the machines, why not be flexible with what is produced?

The answer is usually lack of flexible software, and that is what we help to solve at SkyMaker.

Automating product design with software solutions

With our background as mechanical engineers we bridge the gap between both sales and manufacturing for products that need to be customized and made to clients’ specifications. In a world where time is money the old way of designing each unique product by hand is a craft that only can be afforded for luxury products and a very small part of the world population. In order to make fully customizable products available for everyone there is a need to go beyond modularity and fixed size.

Thats why we in 2013 we embarked on a journey to enable mass customization by developing modern software solutions around CAD, configuration and automated processes. We believe that customized products should be affordable and accessible to everyone, challenging the paradigm of how customized products usually always come with at least an extra zero on the price tag. 

“Customized products should be affordable for everyone, and manufacturing should be distributed, flexible and fully automated”

Kristofer Skyttner, CEO and founder of SkyMaker

Made by Swedish Engineers

At SkyMaker we’re a team of dedicated engineers that share a passion for product design, flexible manufacturing and automation. As a company rooted in the Nordics, our environment is highly influenced by digitalization, automation and sustainability and we strive to deliver Nordic excellence.

Each of us has a diverse skill set and experiences that enable us to understand the needs of our customers. We share the problem solving skills, high autonomy and methodologies from an engineering degree. Teamwork and collaborating is important to us, and we gladly collaborate with other highly specialized companies.

Our headquarters are located in Linköping, Sweden. Linköping is known for its innovation friendly environment with a big university, innovation clusters in Linköping Science Park and many well-known R&D focused companies. In this environment we thrive and get inspiration from our community.

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We are here to make a difference and to make mass customization a reality. Do you want to know more about us? Or our services? Or what it’s like to be part of our team? Feel free to reach out!