Gingerbread House Configurator

Do you want to shape your gingerbread house? Don’t have any drawings or templates make sense? Or perhaps you would like a village of small houses with slightly different shapes? Try our configurator and make your own unique gingerbread house in a snap! When you’re done configuring just download, print and bake!

What happens when you cross a Swedish Christmas tradition with cloud-based CAD technology? You get a gingerbread house configurator. We created this app in a couple of hours as fun project just to showcase what can be done in our platform in short time.

  • The configurator creates drawings that are made for printing on a standard printer (A4) and to fit a standard baking tray to make your baking venture a bit easier.
  • With the PDF drawing you get some extra tips of how to bake and assemble the house.
  • Scroll to zoom. Right-click to rotate. Refresh the page to reset the app and start again.

This online configurator or “app” is made using our cloud-based configuration platform DynaMaker. The platform helps manufacturing companies to sell and produce configurable products in a time-saving and efficient manner.

We wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
/The Team at SkyMaker