Customer journey – Questionnaire for B2B products with quotations

When working with changes in the sales process its essential to have a clear view of the customer journey. Therefore we have created a short questionnaire for some of the basic questions that the sales team should discuss and try to answer.

This can result in a list with the typical steps to a closed deal that can be used when discussing changes.

This is primarily created for B2B sales where there is a need for configuration of the product and a quotation as the first step.

  1. When is the sales team first contacted by a potential customer?
  2. How is the sales team contact by a potential customer (email, forms, phone, etc)?
  3. Is there a difference in how new potential customers and existing customers communicate with the sales team?
  4. What are the major types of customers that exist today (direct sales, distributors, government procurement, small businesses)
  5. What information / documents does the customer need to provide to the sales team to get price and quote?
  6. Are there any typical control questions that are important to discuss with the customer?
  7. Are there any invalid preconceptions that the customer has when they first contact sales?
  8. How do you handle requests that does not fit with solutions that you offer or recommend?
  9. What are the main reason for iterations with the client that leads to many versions of a quotation?
  10. What info / documents is needed to give the customer a new quotation (Bill Of Materials, drawings, visualisations, cad-files)
  11. How does the customer receive the quotation?
  12. How does the customers decision process look after they have received a quotation?