Master thesis – Using Procedural Content Generation (PCG) to transition from Engineer to Order (ETO) to Configure to Order (CTO) for CAD-configurations

Large constructions and very complex products have traditionally required lots of manual engineering work to just produce one single unique instance. Reusing smaller configurable products can normally speed up this process, but the final solution requires clever Engineers to create and combine the solution.

For products to keep increasing in size and complexity there might be alternatives for how this engineering process can be altered. 

That’s why we at SkyMaker want to investigate how recent advances in procedural content creation (PCG) and automation CAD software can be used to push the boundary for what products are Engineer to Order and what can just be Configured to Order.

At SkyMaker we develop the cloud service DynaMaker ( for developing and hosting web applications with parametric CAD and 3D visualization. DynaMaker helps companies transition from traditional mass manufacturing to mass customization and local on-demand manufacturing.

Potential areas to build a master thesis around:

  • Investigate where the limit between Engineer to Order to Configure To Order are today
  • Investigate how PCG solutions from Game industry can be applied to CAD technology
  • Design conceptual solution for how to propagate rules and geometry to a large number of design decisions

The master thesis will be performed together with our engineering team at our office in Linköping. We would prefer having two students working together on the master thesis and there will be a compensation of 30 000 SEK / person.

Does this sound interesting? Please send your CV:s and a short cover letter answering why you are interested in this type of master thesis to: