Master thesis students spring 2022

Subject: Designing Configurable Products with infinite variations

With recent developments in visual product configuration it is now possible to create online configurators and design tools for all types of e-commerce and customer portals. Together with the power of parametric CAD it can enable mass customization when enabling untrained users to customize products before purchase with easy to use online tools. 

What happens to product design when we leave traditional mass manufacturing and modularization strategies behind, and shift to parametric CPQ with customized products that can be manufactured by robots in whatever shape, size and factory you prefer?

This is what we at SkyMaker AB would like to explore further in a master thesis together with you. 

Based on some of our industry clients today and our cloud service DynaMaker ( for developing configurators with CAD and 3D we are looking for two students to explore this further to establish a best practice for selected types of visual product configuration.

Does this sound interesting? Please send your CV:s and a short description of why you are interested in this type of master thesis to