DynaMaker – Visual Product Customization for CPQ and e-Commerce

Enable complex B2B sales with visual configuration

DynaMaker is used by manufacturing companies to power up their CPQ and e-commerce solutions. By enabling both sales and customers to easily perform complex configuration and customization you can increase sales and streamline operations for quotation and ordering.

DynaMaker uses CAD technology for its parametric visualization and automatic CAD exports. The visualization enhances the product configuration and makes the configuration understandable so the customer can configure themselves.

Save time for sales and engineering

With DynaMaker you save time as the customer does the configuration work and from the configuration, all customer CAD files are created automatically and instantly. The DynaMaker cloud service brings this to your CPQ or e-commerce solution to meet your customers.
This means that when the volume of quotes or orders increase, you won’t need to increase your headcount to keep up.

Extend CPQ and E-commerce

DynaMaker is easy to use together with your CPQ, e-commerce or just a regular homepage. We have several standard integrations with popular e-solutions to simplify the setup.

In ordet to get started, you can either build your DynaMaker model yourself, or hire an expert to help you with your project.

Do you want to get started with visual configuration?

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